Gozo Philatelic Society

     VO/0546                               POBox 10 VCT1000 Gozo - MALTA


  1. Application forms are to reach the Gozo Philatelic Society Secretary by Monday 3rd November.

  2. Entries (mounted) are to be submitted to GPS Committee members at the Exhibition Hall on Monday 10th to Wednesday 12thNovember (Normal Opening Times). Delay can result in refusal.

  3. The GPS reserves the right to refuse any exhibit (or part thereof), competing or not.

  4. Although all reasonable steps will be taken, the GPS cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to exhibits. Exhibitors may discuss with the GPS special arrangements for items of particular value. The decision of the Committee in such matters is binding, as also regarding display arrangements and space allocation and in unforeseen circumstances.

  5. Items are to be collected back as indicated by the GPS.

  6. Participation Certificates (to all exhibitors) and other prizes will be distributed as announced.

  7. Even if not competing, all junior exhibitors (those under 17 by December 31st 2014) will receive a philatelic memento. They can also compete in the open classes.

  8. Each white (A4) sheet (in transparent plastic pocket) - maximum of 12 - should have name, address and phone number on back, with date of birth in the front bottom right-hand corner.

  9. Neatness, legibility (except for headings, black on white) and originality of presentation will be looked for and rewarded. Exhibits have to include stamps - though reproductions may additionally be also included.

  10. Competitors have to pay a €5 fee for each different item exhibited - individually titled (shown with at least some writing up).

  11. The locked area available is limited and the committee will of course see that all space is used up. Additionally A4 sheets, placed in transparent plastic jackets or folders can be hung up.

  12. Name, address and phone number must be written on the back or kept covered until prizes are awarded.

  13. There will be three competing (Open) classes: (i) Postal History (ii) Social Philately and (iii) Traditional.

  14. Depending on the standards achieved and the number of exhibits, the Jury appointed by the GPS will award three prizes (vouchers) for each of the classes - indicators will be placed against the prize-winning entries. The GPS Exhibition Challenge Trophy is moreover awarded annually for the Best Exhibit on Show (in any Class).

  15. There is presently an agreement with MaltaPost for a special prize to the exhibitior with the best aggregate.

  16. Exhibitors cannot recycle material they have previously exhibited competitively.

  17. Jury decisions are of course final and binding. They can inspect the exhibits, including locked items (in which case the exhibitor will be informed to be present). Any complaints and similar requests have to be made to the GPS Committee in writing.

  18. Certificates of Participation will be distributed to all exhibitors at a separate later event, together with prizes.

  19. Only paid-up members can exhibit and so non-members must also fill in a membership application and pay the relative annual fee (which will also cover 2015). There is no additional charge for non-competing participation.



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