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The annual subscription is currently €2 for the juniors, €5 for the seniors and €20 for all foreign members (including newsletter postage). I enclose my initial subscription up to 31st December (year): Our bank account: IBAN MT58LBMA 0500 0000 0000 0117 2600 945.


The Gozo Philatelic Society was founded on 3rd September 1999 for 'the promotion of the hobby', 'the provisation of a point of reference' and 'co-ordination'. Purpose The aim of the society is to encourage the study and collecting of stamps, postal history and other collectables from absolute beginners (including children) through to be experienced collectors, and to promote these hobbies in every conceivable way.


Meetings are held at the Victoria Scouts Headquarters usually on the first Sunday of the month (except for summer). These meetings begin from 9.00am. till 11.00am. Here members can exchange, sell and buy stamps. Non-members are very welcome to visit, so bring your friends! Many other activities are held (all free). Very interesting talks and mini-exhibitions held on philatelic objects. The annual exhibition is held in November where every member can take part. Everyone who takes part is given a present and certificate. Every 3 months, the Hon. Publisher sends a free Newsletter, which has many interesting articles. Sometimes it also includes sections which have fun activities and small competitions.



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